WIP Wednesday: butterflies and flowers

Perhaps that should be WTHP – works that have progressed. I’ve been busy 🙂

Since my last craft-related post, I’ve been settling into our new home in the Pennines, in a town which is a good long train ride from my work. Commuting can be crushingly miserable, especially on Northern’s old buses-on-rails, so I’ve taken pains to make the most of the experience. Train 1 of 2 is for breakfast: a flask of something hot, and a pot of overnight oats. Then, a brisk walk across Manchester to Piccadilly while the sun rises (and sometimes you can even see it!), to train 2 of 2. This is where the crochet happens.

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opening up

Work and blogs have never mixed very easily for me – a legacy of sensitive jobs and some slightly unorthodox outside interests. But I am starting to relax my boundaries a little, as work edges closer and closer to the sorts of things I like to write about anyway. Right now, plants and history (and plant history) are the main points of contact.

My office is in what used to be the scutching room of an old Cheshire cotton mill, a Victorian addition to the Georgian factory. The windows look out onto the landscaped gardens of the mill owner and his family – keen plant collectors, whose legacy is one of the finest rhododendron collections in the country. In the warm and wet weather last week, the whole place erupted into blossom.

Take a look…

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