Dihangydd – Lit.: escaper, fugitive, runaway, one who has escaped.

Welcome to this corner of the internet. Make yourself at home.

I started this blog as a way of keeping track of ideas, inspirations and projects from different parts of my life, as my unruly interests kept spilling over the boundaries of more defined blogs (www.incidentaldruidry.wordpress.com and www.fromtheedges.wordpress.com).  But it’s hard not to be conscious of potential readers. I spend so much time hiding different aspects of myself. I’m a pagan, nearly-qualified archivist, divinatrix & budding crocheter, perennial runaway, happy-go-lucky scamp, Cymraes living in the Pennines with a Black Dog on my shoulder and the tiniest chihuahua by my side.


how’s that for a visual metaphor?

I’ve been steadily withdrawing from social media over the past few years, but the urge to share and connect with others – the good stuff, the high hopes so many of us started with – remains. So this site is populated with the random observations, rants and musings that need an outlet. It means you can reach me online, if you want to. And if you want to dip in and out of updates about my life, you can do that here, too. It’s a pretty niche interest for most people, but I still like sharing it. And I like hearing about yours.

The plan for this blog is to write about things which genuinely interest me, for their own sake, without worrying what people think (ha!). This is likely to include crochet, folklore, our new(ish) hometown, wild and homegrown plants, politics, songs, divination, industrial history, and anything else for which I develop a sudden enthusiasm. If you’re reading this: hello! And thank you. If you’re not reading this: good, it’s a strictly non-compulsory activity. But writing it is turning out to be a very useful thing.


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