WIP Wednesday

Granny Cool

The amigurumi from last WIP Wednesday has stalled at row 11 – all that stitch-counting got a bit frustrating – so I’ve been carrying on with the much more relaxing work of making granny squares for a planned blanket. ‘Planned’ in the loosest possible sense: I’m going to keep going until I run out of yarn, then join together all the finished squares and hope for the best. If it turns out ok, the resulting blanket is destined for one of the work-in-progress babies that my friends are in the process of producing right now!


12 down, 48 to go…

I love making granny squares. They’re simple and colourful, just repetitive enough to be rhythmic without being dull, and you can use them to make almost anything. During the dark days of the rail replacement bus service commute, I found I could make one square per journey, which helped to keep me sane. This blanket was started around that time. I’ve improved a lot since then, and you can see it in the stitching; I’m hoping that my method of joining them together (to be decided) will forgive a bit of variation in the tension, which has got looser as I’ve got more confident/relaxed.

Incidentally, this is dk cotton yarn, worked with a 3mm hook. The basket was woven by my lovely friend Fiona, an excellent baker, who keeps a blog over at big hungry gnomes.

Taking up crochet has re-introduced me to my record collection, unexpectedly but wonderfully. Whenever I have time to spare these days, I put on an album, curl up on the sofa and work on my granny squares. Listening to albums all the way through used to be almost a devotional activity in my serious indie teenage years. Last night it was File Under: Easy Listening by Sugar, of course…

3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. The rail replacement bus service commute – *shudders* I love making granny squares while commuting – it makes the time go quickly and calms me down when the journey is stressful! 🙂 xxxx


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