foodie friday

One of those days when a little self-care goes a long way. Creating a meal from scratch and then eating it is a nourishing way to spend an evening, in more ways than one.


tastes better than it looks, I promise

This particular recipe, for Turkish lentil soup with onion-stuffed gozleme, came from the spicery, whose introductory Meat Free Magic box has been sitting on our counter for (ahem) a while… I baked their orange halva cake for a family visit last week, and am eating the last slice as dessert while I type.

The soup is delicious: thick, smoky, spicy and sour. The recipe calls for two onions – a *lot* more than I normally use – and one large leek sauteed together, 1/4 of which is then set aside to stuff the gozleme, and the rest cooked with garlic, cinnamon and bay leaves until the onions turn translucent. 200g lentils and 1.2l water are added to make the soup, along with the spices (a mysterious pouch consisting of a lot of smoked paprika and chili, along with – at a guess – coriander and cumin) and a pinch of salt. Right at the end, the juice of half a lemon is stirred through the soup, and it’s served topped with chili flakes and cumin seeds fried in butter until the whole mixture turns frothy and fragrant. I will definitely be making this again.

The gozleme was (were?) less successful, probably because I mostly made them one-handed while chatting on the phone to my good friend Bryony 🙂 We also only had wholemeal flour in our cupboards, the last of the flour from the Antimachia windmill in Kos, and I suspect these would work better with plain white. But, anyway, hot from the pan, stuffed with onions mixed with mint and chili, they were tasty enough – especially dipped in yoghurt.

Food can so easily become an afterthought, or yet another chore, especially in weeks like these when so many other things become a struggle. It feels good to take time over it, grounding and soothing. And the results are not half bad.


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