WIP Wednesday

Earlier this year I came to the earth-shattering realisation that I didn’t really care about being bad at crafts because they made me happy anyway.

The roots of this discovery go right back to the attempt, three years ago, to break my writer’s block. It didn’t work, but in the process I tried my hand at singing, knitting, painting and drawing, calligraphy, sewing and – most recently and most enthusiastically of all – crochet.

Once I’d figured out how to hook, my first project (still ongoing) was a granny square blanket for one of the many friends’ babies on the way this year. I left that one at home this week, feeling the need to expand my repertoire, so right now I am trying to teach myself how to make amigurumi.


The pattern: ‘Bunny Toy’ from How To Crochet

The yarn: something I found in a huge stash donated by a friend, who got it from their mother, who quite possible got it from their mother. DK as far as I can tell. Pale grey flecked with cream/apricot.

Using a 3mm hook – the ‘lucky hook’ with which I learned to crochet, from the same huge stash, probably as old as the yarn I’m using (i.e. older than me).


I started late last night. So far (all of 5 rows in) the texture is turning out nicely, though perhaps little tight. The ‘magic circle’ technique eluded me, so my work still has a slightly-too-big hole at the centre of the spiral – I will be checking out tutorials on youtube when I get back home.

I quickly realized I was going to lose count of stitches if I let my attention wander (which happens a *lot*), so I’ve treated myself to a little herdwick-themed souvenir of Grasmere…




Progress is slow, but it’s a long train journey home tomorrow.

EDITED TO ADD: I mis-read the pattern last night, which explains why the tension was so tight – and shows how tired I was! So, today, I have started all over again. And I nailed the ‘magic circle’ this time.


5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Sweet you got the magic circle. I really struggled with it to begin with, now I can knock them out every time. Crucial for amigurumi


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