good fortune

(a PJ Harvey soundtracked homage to my week in Grasmere)

One thing I do miss about facebook is my ability to say: ZOMFG YOU GUYS LOOK WHERE I AM


my workplace for the week

This week, work has sent me to the Lake District for three days of training, and there’s an outside chance that I might never leave.


the waterfall outside the workplace

I am in love. From the pure running water flowing through the river Rothay, to the oak trees bearded in ferns and lichens; it feels like everything I love is somehow already right here.

Even the sheep feel like mythical creatures: the unmistakable frosted features of the Herdwick, set majestically against the fells.

Am I gushing?


bedroom window: room with a view

I don’t yet know the names of all the hills and peaks around me, but I want to learn. I want to learn everything about this landscape. I want to keep coming back until I know every corner of it, intimately, by the soles of my feet.

This is love.


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