Getting to know Crewe

Getting to know all the things about Crewe…

Before we moved here, this is the sum total of what I knew about my new hometown:

  • Cheap
  • Easy to leave
  • Something about railways

I had tried to explore it once, when I missed a connection from London back to Liverpool – but after half a mile of kebab shops with no sign of a town centre, I wandered back to the station with a dim view of the place. It turns out that the station is some way out of town, and not in the nicest area.

Now that I’ve emerged from winter hibernation/moving chaos/essay stress, I’ve managed to explore my new surroundings a bit more successfully. Yay daylight! And this is what I’ve learned…

  • It’s cheap – as in, someone on an unqualified archivist’s salary could potentially afford a mortgage on a lovely little railway cottage. This is an exciting prospect.
  • It’s easy to leave on foot and by bike (not to mention horseback), as well as by rail. There are proper bike lanes everywhere, and the Crewe-Nantwich greenway makes it easy to get out into the country.
  • As the centre of the Victorian railway industry in this part of the world, Crewe likes to think of itself as the ‘home of steam’ – and, with the MMU Department of Performing Arts on the outskirts of town, this has naturally made it a hotbed of steampunks.

There are also good pubs with board games (and games nights), and independent brewers holding open nights with live music.

In conclusion: you should definitely come and visit, if you can 🙂


Queens Park daffodils



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