About Face(book)

I’ve seen the light.

Don’t worry, I’m not about to try and convert you – there are plenty of persuasive blogs out there if you need reasons to leave The Book of Faces. This is a less polemic, more pragmatic take on the role of social media in my life: why I use it, what I get out of it, and what it gets out of me.

The main point is: I miss you. If you’re reading this, there’s a very good that chance we know each other, even if only virtually, and would like to stay in touch. There’s an even better chance that we live 100+ miles apart (mostly due to my escapist tendencies). And the big blue beast makes it feel so easy. Everyone is just a click away. But, of course, that’s an illusion.

Facebook just isn’t fun any more, for me. It’s compulsive, and often leaves me feeling lonelier. So, instead, I plan to populate this corner of the internet with the random observations, rants and musings that would usually find their way onto that site. It means you can reach me online, if you want to – not everybody likes to call or email. And if you want to dip in and out of updates about my life, you can do that here, too. It’s a pretty niche interest for most people, but I still like sharing it. And I like hearing about yours.


here is the window of a local narrowboat which I found recently and fell in love with, by the way

Now, I’m off to find an address book and a birthday calendar…

Feel free to start a fascinating debate in the comments about the relative merits of different kinds of social media. Or, if you’re stopping by, just say hello 🙂


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