the enemy of my enemy is not my friend

It’s Aries season and I’m feeling angry. And nothing fuels my writing quite like anger…

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floating worlds

[May contain Star Wars spoilers. Should contain references to Ishiguro’s novel An Artist of the Floating World, but doesn’t.]


Tiphares, from Battle Angel Alita

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Amgen / Alternative

In the interests of this blog being a place where I can write about anything…

something different

It’s the most wonderful time of the Welsh musical year, when Rhys Mwyn compiles the annual Siart Amgen – essentially, a Welsh Festive Fifty. The nominations are already causing a controversy on Welsh twitter

can amgen

a song so alternative that nobody has heard it

Tempting as it is to take a chunk of time out of my studies to wax lyrical about what we even mean by ‘alternative’ – especially in the context of a minority language –  I’m going to leave you with my top 10:

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how do you want to feel?

A lazy Sunday morning of reading in bed brought me to an old Autostraddle article: a roundtable of writers thinking about the future in terms of how they want to feel, instead of what they want to do.

I haven’t read the book which inspired this piece, but the idea of envisioning goals in terms of feelings, rather than achievements, really struck a chord.

In the little apothecary where I have been working weekends, “how do you want to feel?” is the question I most often ask when helping people choose a remedy, or some suitable natural skincare. It works so much better than “what do you want?” Out of all the products in the shop – let alone in the wider world – how do you even begin to choose what you want, or figure out what you need? Identifying how you want to feel is a good first step.

So: how do you want to feel?


thinking deep thoughts with a journal, a computer, and a cup of coffee

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Acronyms are wonderful things. They can make the raw and the clumsy sound efficient and businesslike; and they can make everyday suffering sound neat and manageable. I am taking a MHD, a Mental Health Day. It feels less shameful than explaining that I’ve burned out, had a meltdown, stopped functioning, or any of the other dramatic, messy-sounding metaphors for why I can not be a productive member of society today.

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